There are over 2000 repositories on GitHub alone with Kotlin projects. These are just a few of them. If you have an OSS project in Kotlin or know of one, please add it.

Community-Maintained Links

You can find a community-maintained list of links to Kotlin projects, libraries and other resources at Awesome Kotlin.

Open Source Projects and Libraries

Name Description Type
Spek A Specification Framework Library
Wasabi An HTTP Framework Framework
Ktor Web application framework Framework
Anko Anko is a library which makes Android application development faster and easier Library
Kara An MVC Framework Framework
Humanizer for JVM Humanizer Library Library
Kotlin-NoSQL NoSQL MongoDB access for Kotlin Library
FunKtionale Functional Helpers for Kotlin Library
KotlinPrimavera Kotlin Wrapper for Spring Framework Library
Sublime Package A Sublime Package for Kotlin Tools
Kotlin Vim Kotlin Syntax Highlighter for Vim Tools
Griffon Plugin Griffon Support Tools
Android Rivers RSS Readers for Android Android App
Stew A simple Android app for Android App
RxKotlin Kotlin Bindings for RxJava Library
Solr-Undertow Solr Standalone Tiny and High performant server Application
Yested A Web Framework Framework
Kotlin-Hashids Library that generates short, unique, non-sequential hashes from numbers. Library
Kotter Knife Butter-knife view binding for Kotlin Library
Android Kotlin Extensions A collection of Android Kotlin extensions Library
KAndroid Kotlin library for Android Library
Kovenant Promises for Kotlin and Android Library
Progress Simple Progress tracking Library
Injekt Dependency Injection / Object Factory for Kotlin Library
Fuel HTTP Client library written in Kotlin Library
Klutter Small helper libraries for Kotlin, usually extensions to other libraries Library
Kodein Painless Kotlin Dependency Injection Library
Kovert An invisible REST framework for Kotlin Library
khttp HTTP client similar to Python's requests. Library
Kobalt A build system written in Kotlin Build system
Klaxon A JSON library written in Kotlin Library
Result The modelling for success/failure of operations in Kotlin Library
ext4klaxon Type Extensions (Long, Int, Enum, Date) for Klaxon Library
Bubble Library for obtaining screen orientation when orientation is blocked in AndroidManifest Library
HamKrest Self-describing matchers for testing and validation (a port of Java's Hamcrest to Kotlin) Library
Kotpref Android SharedPreference delegation for Kotlin Library
KotliQuery A handy database access library in Kotlin Library
Zipangu Easy to handle the information in the prefectures of Japan in Kotlin Library
knit JUnit API set for Kotlin Library
khronos An intuitive Date extensions in Kotlin Library
TornadoFX Lightweight JavaFX Framework for Kotlin Library
Hexagon A microservices framework in Kotlin Framework
Fuse The simple generic LRU memory/disk cache for Android written in Kotlin Library
Discovery Eventually consistent service discovery server Application
KotlinTest Kotlin port of the famous ScalaTest Library
Black-and-White A library of algorithms for the Black-and-White tree coloring Library
kottpd REST framework in pure Kotlin Library
Glimpse Framework An OpenGL framework written in Kotlin Framework
Pair Adjacent Violators An implementation of the PAV algorithm for isotonic regression (machine learning) in Kotlin Library
Async Under 8 Kotlin coroutine async implementation without java 8 requirement Framework